• 4th March 2020

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  • 6th March 2020

Recent technological advances are shaping testing and counselling options in prenatal genetics. You are invited to enrol on a 3-day course exploring genetics and genomics in a prenatal setting to help you apply genetics in your clinical practice. This skills based course is designed to give midwives and other health professionals working in a prenatal testing setting with little training in genetics tools to enable patients to access appropriate on wards referral; including obtaining a family history, identify high risk family histories, approaches to genetic testing, consent taking and counselling skills associated with providing information and results. It will provide the background scientific knowledge needed to understand the theory behind the application of genetics in a prenatal setting. The scientific content will be complemented with case based examples and practical exercises to connect the scientific theory to the application in your day to day practice. Participants will be equipped with the basics of prenatal genetic counselling and managing complex scenarios as well as an update on new technologies. Opportunity to acquire an academic credit though Kings College London University by undertaking a Work Based Learning module at either Level 6 or 7 around this course: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/nmpc/cpd#work_based